The life charms us and the places entices our feelings. We plan the tour to give meaning to the enticements. Budapest is a dynamic metropolis, with cultural extravagance and stupendous gorgeousness. Budapest is a global city with highest rankings when it comes to the sites having maximum UNESCO rankings.  On a regular stroll in the alleys of Budapest, the travelers would feel the life in this metropolis balancing between traditional and modern living. If Budapest is branded as the” Paris of East” the tag line is definitely not without any reason. 

The wonderful city of Budapest has potpourri of UNESCO sites in addition to attractive restaurants and enticing café’s and shopping stores with comfy climes. The global city is an undisputed hub for the travelers who have no control on their expenses.  In fact, the all-time great Buda Castle as well as the entire Castle District holds immense popularity among the domestic as well as the international travelers. In short, the life in Budapest does not seem to appear same as the life in other European towns and cities. The city is marked by fabulous tourist destination spots and these spots have always tried to make minute difference in the thoughts of the travelers.

Budapest is worth visiting, and there could be number of reasons hidden behind.  Of course, travelers have plenty to explore and limitless discoveries to be made. Bars and restaurants are just some of the spots to hang around that also give travelers the reasons to enjoy the life.  And for the special lot of travelers who want to be doused in nature, then thermal baths seem to be ultra-fantastical truly exciting and overtly endearing.   Taste the local wine brands, and it is going to be a warming and celestial experience of one’s life. 

Food and foodies gel perfectly well in Budapest. The expanse of natural beauty is surprising and for an intuitive traveler, this serves as the motivation to get on feet and discover more. Relaxing on the banks of largest lake of Central Europe renders a mesmerizing feel.

Travelers who have planned for Budapest tour can look out for the best packages and cheap flight deals. There are affordable tour packages that come with customization offers too.

Budapest is where you will find the places of your interest and more importantly, the city will never stop you from going in ultimate wonders. March through May are the best months to discover Budapest. The city exalts charisma plus tourism is on the top. The elements of fun and wonder brings the much-needed fun and excitement.  Furthermore, experiencing the Gellert Baths or the massive Szechenyi Spa or relaxing in amazing 16th-century Turkish pool located at Rudas Spa, Budapest seems to be a dreamy and a fairytale destination for most of the inhabitants on Earth. There are thousand and one hot destination spots to visit in Budapest, and each one of these spots have a marvelous charm that adds meaning to the life and the living. The best hit points to go around in Budapest are given here:

#1 – Buda Castle & Castle Hill – Home to Ancient Marvels and Imposing Monuments from 17th and the 18th Century

Soaring not very high over the river Danube, Budapest’s Castle Hill (Várhegy) houses many of the city’s most imperative old-fashioned monuments, galleries and art centers. The 18th-century Buda Castle (also popular as Budavári Palota) is the huge 200-room palace, which has substituted even the much ancient 13th-century castle constructed for the protection from the subterfuge of the Mongol and Tartar outbreaks.  Buda Castle was attacked during the World War II and its facades were damaged, although the building looks quite fascinating now as the result of restoration.  The museums hold relics of great interest and virtue; and it includes structures like the Budapest History Museum and the Hungarian National Gallery.

The castle oversees the River Danube, while there is also a pure bronze equestrian that represents Prince Eugene from Savoy, who was the war hero and survived and won many Turkish attacks on the Budapest. There are several reasons for exploration of Castle Hill, and among them is the occurrence of medieval alleys and the Romanesque Gothic, apart from the immensely great Baroque structures. The entire compound holds relevance to history and protected site as the UNESCO World Heritage. 

Similar to the other parts of the city, Buda Castle is stunningly illuminated in the night as well as the courtyard of the castle is functional all through the day and the night. The castle can be reached from the Funicular Railway, that leaves from the side of the Buda end on the Chain Bridge.

#2. Hungarian Parliament Building & Crown Jewels – Pedestrian Loving Cobbled Streets and Exciting Architecture

On the regular walking down the cobbled streets, the tourists catch wonderful site of Hungarian Parliament Building, otherwise known as (Országház). The enormous architecture standing alongside other structures like the Museum of Ethnography and the Ministry of Agriculture, Hungarian Parliament Building is classy and antique plus holds attraction.  Hungarian Parliament Building is Neo-gothic in its form andacclaimed to the third biggest structures known to represent the parliament and the government. Moreover, this imposing building structure constitutes approximately 691 rooms besides the expansive landscape consisting of corridors and the stairs.

 Tourists can look out for the guided tours, which get completed within 40 minutes. Such tours are prominent, when the government members are not housed in the building.  A few of the projecting tourist attractions of the parliament buildings include Entrance Hall, Crown Jewels and the Lobbies.

# 3. St. Stephen’s Basilica – The Cathedral with an Impressive Architecture and Beatific Interiors

Cathedrals often tell a different story, and often such story’s exploit the thoughts and imagination of inquisitive minds.  Budapest’s St. Stephen’s Basilica is a fabulous tourist attraction with wonders and marvels lined up for the travelers. The cathedral is devoted to St. Stephen, Hungary’s holy king and the originator of the Hungary.  The roof, towers of St. Stephen’s Basilica and the interiors are decorated with ornate designs and magnificent emblems that eventually add thoughtful versatility.  One of the most enthralling and valuable holy artifact is preserved hand of saint, and who was also the Hungarian King.

The elevators within cathedral will lift the visitors to magnificent cupola that offers a captivating 360 Degrees view of the Budapest and River Danube.  Tourists can book guided tours during the weekdays, and such tours are often quite interesting and filled with knowledge. 

 #4. Fisherman’s Bastion – Beautiful Ensemble of Romanesque Towers, Colonnades and Embellished Walls

Magnificence comes from the architectures and ancient buildings, which also have the story to tell and a folklore attached to them. Fisherman’s Bastion is a classic example in this league, where the travelers shall have the moments to explore the ancient world from the Middle Ages. The massive structure overseeing the River Danube presents a gargantuan assortment of Neo- Romanesque Towers, colonnades, and spacious courtyards, which exemplify a unique style of its own.

The strong walls of Fisherman’s Bastion (Halászbástya) were constructed between the years 1895 and the 1902 will attract the tourists. The beauty associated with Fisherman’s Bastion goes beyond the book description of the building. The upper towers also called as turrets are popular sites for photo shooting, and tourists do not leave any chance to shot selfie pictures with the pictures of the city and the river in the backdrop.

#5. The Danube Promenade – The Exclusive Place for Riverside Walking for Love Smitten Somnambulist

The Danube otherwise addresses as “Duna” in the native Hungarian language is an attractive tourist spot in the Budapest. Among the many free things to do along the River Danube is the taking the stroll on Danube Promenade (Dunakorzó). In fact, this happens to be a enjoyable century-old riverside walk crossing between the bridges of the Elisabeth and Széchenyi Chain. Taking an evening stroll or the night stroll whether on the Buda Side or the Pest Side, tourists shall feel themselves completely doused deep in the imagination like the sojourners. Danube Promenade is indeed an incredible point from where the travelers can look around the city architecture and feel stunned about everything around.

The sight of Danube Bank memorial on the Northeast side of the River Danube is quite engaging in many ways. The memorial has 60 pairs of steel molded shoes and this landscape represents the Jews, who were shot by the Nazi Germany. The landscape shows the kind of carnages that the Hungary suffered during the times of the World War II. Opting for the boat cruise is on Danube is exciting and filled with hilarious activities. There are tourist trips originating from Vigadó tér along the Pest bank and Bem József tér on the side of the Buda bank. The implausible views within the Budapest can be worked out on budget using the sophisticated trams.  The bank on the East of Danube happens to be one of the enticing tramlines across the globe.  These petite tours are filled with enticing pleasures. 

#6. Matthias Church (Church of Our Lady) – The True Representation of Ecclesiastical Art Forms

Matthias Church also popularized as The Church of Our Lady (Nagyboldogasszony-Templom), is a projecting landmark on Castle Hill. The church was finally completed in the year 1269, and its magnificent The South doorway of the Church of Our Lady shows strong representation of the imagery of the Death of Mary.

Matthias Church was used as the mosque during the era of Turkish occupation, although it was soon transformed into the Baroque style church with emphasis laid on the Mother Virgin Mary. The church is popular for holding Organ Concerts on the evenings of certain Sundays. Ecclesiastical Art Museum with strategic location on the primitive crypt of the church has the assortment of consecrated relics, carvings, and imitations of the Hungarian crown jewels.

#7. Exploring Gellért Hill – The Huge and Panoramic Mound Supplied with Medicinal Springs

Among the many attractive features located in Budapest is the Gellért Hill (Gellért-hegy), and within the geological fault line many of the city’s popular medicinal springs arise and supplies the Gellért Spa and Rudas Baths that have been luring the visitors from far and wide from the 13th century. The Rudas Baths is among very few buildings that still remain from Turkish holding, and known to be innovative Turkish bathhouses, which is in use for many centuries.

The northeast slant of hill has Gellért Monument, which is the acknowledgement to Hungary’s cherished as well as the popular saint, a Benedictine monk. The hill takes its name on the name of the monk. Suspended on the heights is artificial waterfall, which is created through the drills. It is where the tourists will come across the splendid view of the Budapest. Furthermore, ambling around the Jubilee Park renders a pleasurable experience, which cannot be described in words. 

#8. Central Market Hall – The Kaleidoscope of Zsolnay Tiles and Super Great Marketplace

Situated on the other side of the Freedom Bridge and in the vicinity of Gellért Spa lies the Budapest’s Central Market Hall also known by names like the Great Market Hall. The market hall is extraordinary, and its interiors are worth a praise for many reasons.  The artwork created out of colorful Zsolnay tiles is quite surprising, innovative and feels like one is shopping in an exciting new world of god. Marketing indoors is just exciting, which is definitely not comparable to anything else in the world.

Central Market Hall is popular for the popular Hungarian food such as lángos. This typical food gives foodies the reason to select between either the meat toppings or keep themselves entirely veggie. There is no doubt that Central Market Hall is indeed one of the exciting marketplaces in Budapest, where nothing comes to standstill. It is regarded as the center of high activity and for the travelers, enjoyment happens all the time. The idea of shopping for the fresh produce and engaging food stuffs render the optimum reason to visit the central market. You have the advantage to shop for the best products and also spend the time leisurely.

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Ans- February is the economical and one of the best months for the travelers to travel and save on the money. Check out the best deals on the international flights to Budapest and make the difference to your traveling

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Ques – What are the best places to visit in Budapest?

Ans- Vienna, Krakow, Auschwitz, Venice and Munich are few of the remarkable places that one can visit in Budapest. These places will add energy and contentment besides bring immense value to the essence of tourism. 

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