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Terms And Conditions

Terms and Conditions – Air Ticket Pro

The information and other literature available on different pages of the website – along with the use of third party software is known to us, but we do not hold any responsibility whatsoever on how and to what extent the information or the literature shall be useful to the user. The user shall use the information and literature only on his/her sole discretion.

The license for using is settled for the respective users within the acceptable Terms and it does not hold any purpose of gathering, copying, duplication, scraping or displaying any information of any kind. We do not allow the user or the website visitor for undertaking the Data Mining, Data Gathering, Spidering or any other practices without the explicit permission.

Travel Services and their Usage

On the basis of requisites and the Terms of Use of the Website, the user/website visitor shall adhere to the following protocols:

  • The user should be minimum of 18 years of age;
  • The user should be minimum of 18 years of age;
  • The user shall use the Terms accordingly and as legally bonded;
  • The user shall undertake these Travel Services for ensuing legit booking of flight tickets for himself/herself or for another party with which the user has the permission to act legally;
  • It is the right and social responsibility of the user to provide information about the third party on the Terms of the website with regard to flight ticket bookings done on behalf of the third party, and this also includes sharing of information pertaining to RULES AND RESTRICTIONS APPLICABLE HEREWITH;
  • The user shall provide only the authentic and accurate information about himself/herself before applying for any Travel Services.

Air Ticket Pro has the right and the written authority as well as the discretion for denying the accessibility to the Travel Services offered to the users/customers/visitors. At Air Ticket Pro also has the explicit responsibility to deny access to the Travel Services, if any violation of terms is done.

Third Party Websites and Establishing Links to these Websites has several third-party links and directly pointed to other internet sites that are managed by the 3rd Parties. Air Ticket Pro has no direct or indirect relationship with regard to information on products, services on these 3rd Party Websites.

Third-party links as well as the pointers are basically for the purpose of expediency of the users and would not by any means show the ratification by Air Ticket Pro and/or any of its subsidiaries/suppliers. Besides, Air Ticket Pro has no accountability on the information appearing on the website, and the policies of the 3rd Parties whatsoever. We shall also not take charge of the responsibilities of the information or functionalities added to the Facebook, Apple, Microsoft, Google etc.

Air Ticket Pro shall also not take the accountability on the information or use of methodologies by the providers of the social media platforms, or the operating system providers, providers of the wireless services or device manufacturers.


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