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Privacy Policy – Air Ticket Pro

Air Ticket Pro is committed towards the privacy and the security of the customers/users/visitors. We may take appropriate steps regularly and consistently to ensure that the personal as well as the financial data and other evidence is completely protected and free from misuse under any situation. All pieces of private information shall remain intact and no part of the information shall be used anywhere either in part or in full. It is entirely the responsibility of Air Ticket Pro Management to keep the safety and security of information is protected on all levels.

If you have additional questions or require more information about our Privacy Policy, do not hesitate to contact us.

This Privacy Policy applies only to our online activities and is valid for visitors to our website with regards to the information that they shared and/or collect in company name. This policy is not applicable to any information collected offline or via channels other than this website. Our Privacy Policy was created with the help of the

By using our website, you hereby consent to our Privacy Policy and agree to its terms.

Air Ticket Pro and the Privacy Policy

Air Ticket Pro comprehends that privacy has significant importance to the customers/users/visitors and it also marks the identity. The terms described under the Air Ticket Pro showcase the manner in which the Personal Information of the user/visitor shall be accessed and analyzed during any regular search.

Types of Personal Information Searched and Collected

Air Ticket Pro shall always ensure customers/users/visitors to the website a safe and purely engaging experience. The features described in our Privacy Policy will help in understanding the Terms of Use of Personal Information generally; whilst using it within the website.

We will collect personal information regarding your age, location, mobile number and email ID. We shall not collect the personal information which is regarded as sensitive and has any direct or indirect relationship with the race, political beliefs, religion and or well-being. Air Ticket Pro may collate and simultaneously collect the information from customers/users/visitors in relationship to the product/service offered by us. Likewise, sensitive information may also be requested from the customers/users/visitors if they ask for specialized services (providing wheel chair to the disabled) in relation to flight ticket booking.

We may also ask for several types of personal information, which is otherwise considered necessary for providing the respective user/visitor with wide range of travel and flight booking services.

Only relevant personal information shall be asked or fetched from you, depending on the products and services booked by the customers/users/visitors from Air Ticket Pro website. In the situation or scenario where the personal information about the user/visitor is not known to us, Air Ticket Pro shall not be in a position to provide respective products and/or services to the user/visitor

How we use your information

Air Ticket Pro shall request the customers/users/visitors to provide the following information:
  • Name, Location and Contact Details;
  • Birth Date;
  • Gender Priority;
  • Information relating to the Product/Service booking
On the basis of use of Product/Service, we may ask the user/visitor to engage personal information on the factors like:
  • Details of the Credit Card
  • Passport Details
  • Insurance Travel

How the Personal Information is Collected from Customers/Users/Visitors

There are several strategies by which the information is collected from the user/visitor who uses and visits Air Ticket Pro. We are likely to collect the personal information by:
  • Means of written forms;
  • One on one personal contact;
  • Social Media and 3rd Party Websites;
  • Means of subscription and Digitized Entry Forms
  • Means of Emails and High-end Response Devices
  • Mobile/Telephone Contact
  • Short Messaging Service (SMS)
Air Ticket Pro shall gather the Personal Information as the part of the usual Information Life Cycle or through the recurrent source by utilizing any of the methods listed above. Personal information shall be gathered from the customers/users/visitors;
  • After they acquire the product and/or service from Air Ticket Pro;
  • Information is requested with respect to our Products/Services;
  • Information is requested with respect to our Products/Services;
  • Either in the form of writing; or over the telephone, or through the online ticket booking engine;
  • From the 3rd party websites, or organizations or relevant persons;
  • From the members of the group or the leader of the group, who takes the lead and plan travel itineraries. In this scenario, we would request the leader of the group to get the written consent of every group member to provide the Personal Information for utilizing our Products and Services.

Why We Collect the Personal Information

Air Ticket Pro shall collect the personal information for several reasons and purposes. Here are the reasons behind collecting the personal information:
  • Initializing and managing the products and services;
  • Understanding specific requirements of the customers/users/visitors and offering them the products and services;
  • Sending the notification of new launches and updates on our travel products and services;
  • Identifying the customers/users/visitors and collating their demand for the travel product or service;
  • Devising a strong business strategy and managing the delivery model;
  • Establishing the general-purpose communication with the user/visitor to the website.
For more general information on cookies, please read the Cookies article on Generate Privacy Policy website.

Information Usage and Disclosure of Information of Website User/Visitor

Air Ticket Pro shall use and divulge the personal information of the user/visitor for the reasons of gathering it. Under the terms regulated in the international laws, we may also have secondary purpose to disclose the information of the customers/users/visitors. The customers/users/visitors would expect the use as well as disclosure of information for the second purpose. If the information is sensitive in nature, then Air Ticket Pro shall use such type of information for secondary purpose, which may otherwise be deemed right with the intention behind collecting the information.

Disclosure of Information to Third Party

All Personal Information shall be disclosed to 3rd Party service providers for the reason to provide contractual services to Air Ticket Pro and such services shall entail – IT Support, Support for the Hosting and Telephony; Documentation Exchange etc. Air Ticket Pro is an online travel agent offering wide range of products and services from the travel suppliers and aggregators. On several instances, we may have to intentionally divulge the Personal Information to such providers with the sole purpose and reason that travel suppliers and aggregators shall provide you with their services that would help in lending a great experience to the user/visitor. It is significant to note here that travel suppliers and aggregators will use Personal Information while the customers/users/visitors shall make flight ticket booking and in absence of providing the information from the user/visitor, flight ticket shall not be booked.

Collecting, Using and Disclosing the Personal Information for Marketing Purposes

Air Ticket Pro offers a league of travel services, which not only includes flight ticket booking, but also surpass the services like planning travel itineraries, and many more. Flight Ticket Sales and Marketing is one of the mainstream services offered by Air Ticket Pro. We intend to gather and subsequently collate and divulge the personal information for keeping our customers/users/visitors updates on the host of travel services offered to us. The rich and exclusive travel bound products and services from Air Ticket Pro can be utilized for the benefit of customers/users/visitors.

Parties to Whom Disclosures are Made with Respect to Personal Information

Air Ticket Pro reserves the right to disclose the information to the Third Parties. We may not disclose all the information provided to us by customers/users/visitors. We collect the Personal Information from customers/users/visitors and divulge or share it with several third-party websites. Likewise, we may also collect Personal Information from Third Party resources for use in our business. Since there are several Third Parties on Air Ticket Pro website, and many of these relate to the Air Ticket Pro while still other websites link to Third Parties, the information shall be shared to those websites with whom the customers/users/visitors are conducting the business or whose products or services are used by them.

Here is the list of the parties to whom the Air Ticket Pro shall pass on the information:
  • Supernumerary companies in Air Ticket Pro in addition to companies functioning in other trading detachments and/or departments;
  • Products, businesses, customers besides the organizations involved in strategic research;
  • IT Companies;
  • Suppliers and aggregators offering travel related services, administrative services and other types of services;
  • Online sales and marketing service companies;
  • Data Centers;
  • Companies offering Imaging and Document Solutions;
  • Social Media and Rich Media Organizations;
  • Organizations offering the associations of clubs, restaurants and member loyalty as well as the rewards programs.

Disclosures Made Overseas by Air Ticket Pro

Air Ticket Pro manages and uses the Personal Information overseas in the following manner:

Personal Information will be sent to overseas clients and also collect the Personal Information from the overseas. Such process shall be executed under following situations:

  • During the times of specific electronic transactions;
  • In the event when the customers/users/visitors have consented to proceed ahead;
  • When the information is required by the law or the tribunal;
  • When business activity or function is outsourced to the service provider

No Misuse of the Information

Air Ticket Pro shall undertake rational steps for safeguarding the Personal Information from misusing it. We will also ensure that all edits and disclosures and modifications as well as the unauthorized access to information shall be protected.

Air Ticket Pro makes consistent efforts to apply the confidentiality in terms of the passwords, identifiers, and other types of access codes for maintaining the accessibility of the Personal Information.


E-mails transmitted to the Air Ticket Pro may not be secure and we do not hold the responsibility of the content in this regard. Customers/Users/Visitors who are concerned about the safety and security of the contents appearing within the Email or any other transaction should establish the contact with us by utilizing alternative methods of communication

Anonymity and Pseudonymity

Air Ticket Pro trusts that the Personal Information provided to us by the customers/users/visitors is correct and updated and that same Personal Information shall be used by customers/users/visitors for use of products and services listed on the website.

The customers/users/visitors have solicited rights to amend any flaws or inaccuracies appearing within the information. Necessary steps shall be initiated, which are considered reasonable enough in situations with respect to the persistence of ensuring edits to the Personal Information. In other cases where we do not correct the Personal Information, we would reason out in detail the causes behind not undertaking such amendments.

If we take the stand for not correcting the Personal Information of customers/users/visitors, they have the right to mention that the information is incomplete and inaccurate, ambiguous and does not hold any relevancy.

Air Ticket Pro shall undertake all the reasonable steps as the circumstances demand to evaluate the necessary steps and associate the information through the acceptable norms as disclosed thereof.

Complaints Management and Response

Should any complaint related to collection, holding, use or disclosure of personal information or for that matter any issue related to policies as regard to denying the accessibility or causing any rectification, the users/visitors can get in touch with us. It is remindful that user/visitor should assent to the complaint handling process for efficient resolution.

Any complaint with regard to the website operations or Privacy Policy can be made to us in writing, and a formal response shall be provided to the respective user/visitor within the span of 5 business days. Our team shall make necessary efforts for complaint resolution.

Exclusion from Our Advertising/Marketing List

Should there be any anomaly or problem with regard to the receiving the Emails or Other Types of Marketing/Advertising Offers from Air Ticket Pro, the respective users/visitors can provide the information to us by emailing on: We are going to necessitate the action appropriately. In addition, if the users/visitors want to “Unsubscribe” from our regular emailing procedures and other relevant email offers, the names shall be struck-off from the emailing list.

Alteration to Privacy Policy and Applying for the Fresh Copy

Air Ticket Pro suggests the customers/users/visitors to undertake a regular evaluation of for any updations made to the Privacy Policy. New and modified version of Privacy Policy shall be applicable instantly, and the user/visitor shall concur to these changes in the Privacy Policy from the time it becomes applicable. The user/visitor can ask for the copy of the Privacy Policy anytime by either Emailing Us or Connecting to Us over the Toll-Free Number.

The last amendments to the Privacy Policy were made on:

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Note: Email communications are not always secure, please do not include credit card or other sensitive information in your emails to us.